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Eight years ago the early web coding by Andrei led to a site intended to being a photo gallery for underground music events. Shortly after his teaming up with Sectr led to the site being called Kultureshock which eventually grew into Lounge37 as a site dedicated to showing graffiti, photography and graphic design.

Lounge37 has since seen much reincarnation, starting as a simple HTML page designed in Dreamweaver to an entirely Flash based site to a database backed, advanced PHP site which it is today. In 2003 Lounge37 started new with a team of 4 dedicated people making lounge37 into a collaborative site including international contributors showing their art through graffiti, photography and graphic design. Currently, lounge37 has been focusing its efforts on producing high quality screen printed t-shirts with many of the contributors art. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or would like to contribute. Hit us up at: info@lounge37.com

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Lounge37 is a source for images and discussions on graffiti, photography, art and design, updated by a community of international artists. Our Store supplies unique and independent apparel for men and women... read more.

There are 8037 images in our database.

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