Amir H. Fallah

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

well i grew up in the suburbs of Virginia. Got into art via graffiti. got into design via art and so on.

What was your upbringing like?

from the age of 4-7 i lived all over the world. i went from being well off to living in the ghettos of Turkey, to moving to america with only $82 and watching my parents struggle to get to the comfortable lifestyle that they have now. My childhood overall was unique and loving. My parents are the best. Two of the most giving people in the world. I owe them everything. I just hope one day i can repay them for all of their sacrifices.

What inspires you?

My parents inspire me, ambition inspires me, motivated people inspire me but most of all love inspires me.

How long have you been doing art?

i think i got into it around the age of 13-14 via graffiti.

Why do you do art?

i always wanted to be good at something and as soon as i realized i had moderate talent with art i ran with it.

How would you describe your current painting and design styles?

my design and art are pretty different but I would say the one thing they both have in common is the use of bright colors. I love colors!

Who is your work targeted towards?

my art work is targeted towards the fine art market...galleries, museums, collectors.. etc..etc...
my design is targeted towards whomever i am trying to reach.

You have just finished your masters degree in Art from UCLA. What's next on the agenda?

well i go to Dubai for a show in September. after that just keeping doing beautiful/decay and hopefully show somewhere in NYC.

Will painting always be a major part in your life?

of course.

If you were to become a very established painter or graphic designer which would you choose?

I like doing both. they fill different voids. I don't think i could just do one. I get bored too easily

How did Beautiful/Decay magazine come about?

B/D was a small black/white punk rock zine started by my best friend Jay and I in high school. We were two bored kids in the suburbs with not much to do. I was hanging out with Jay one day and came up with the idea to do a zine. He did the layout and I came up with the content. We made 100 copies each of the first 3 b&w issues and sold them for a buck. Our goal with those first issues was to reach other people bored with their drab suburban lives. We eventually got caught up in graduating from high school and stopped working on B/D sometime in 1997.

In 2001 I was living in New York and attending the NYC studio program for fine art. I would go to newsstands daily and would never find any mags that catered to all my interests. Graffiti mags just had graffiti, design mags only featured design, and art mags were geared towards the pretentious art scene. I got fed up and thought that I could revive b/d and fill a void. We started small at first with only 32 pages and a circulation of 3,000. I did a few issues alone and then partnered up with Fubz and Ben Osher who run the magazine with me. Once they came on board we couldn't be stopped.

In many ways Fubz, Ben and I are extremely different. The one thing we all share is a thirst for success. We hit a few roadblocks at the early stages but we are pretty damn stubborn. We have taken a small zine and have transformed it into a highly respectable art publication in just a few years.

How far do you want to take it?

as far as it possibly can. Each issue keeps getting bigger and better so i don't see us stopping anytime soon.

Do you see yourself as a trend setter or a keen observer?

I don't like the phrase "trend setter" since so many people toss it around but i would say that because of my unique background in art, design, and graffiti i have a good understanding of what people want. Sometimes people don't know what they like til' you put it right in front of them.

Tell us about your business partners and their roles in the magazine?

ben and fubz are great. as i mentioned earlier they are a huge part of b/d. Without them things would be different. We argue like rabid dogs but when it's time to buckle down we get the job done. There's no bullshit between the three of us. We aren't taking any prisoners.

What are some people and companies you admire most?

I love DGV books, the Toyota Prius, native foods in LA for having the best vegan food ever, thrasher magazine for being the first magazine i subscribed to, Aya Kato for being amazing at such a young age, and anyone who brings originality to the table.

Would you trade ambition for everlasting happiness?

for me they go hand in hand.

What one event drastically changed your life?

Moving to america and leaving my country behind. who know's where i would be if i hadn't moved here.


Article added by andrei on Wednesday, Jun 22, 2005.

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Name: Amir H. Fallah
Location: Los Angeles

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